Home: Boov Pop!


The official game for the animated film Home



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Home: Boov Pop! is a casual bubble-popping game where players match bubbles to make them explode. The only requirement is that the matched bubbles come into direct contact and that they're the same color.

Almost all the levels in Home: Boov Pop! are the same, with a ton of different-colored bubbles spread all over the screen. In each level you have a certain objective, which is normally to pop a set number of bubbles of each color within a limited number of moves. The more bubbles you pop with each move, the better; and the more moves you have left at the end, better still.

As you pop bubbles, you'll create special ones that will help you reach your objectives. The rainbow bubbles, for example, let you combine several colors with just one move, which can give you a huge number of points.

Home: Boov Pop! is a simple yet addictive game aimed primarily at children. And exactly for that reason it’s a straightforward and attractive game, with loads of different colors and super-nice graphics.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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